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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the World of Musical Magic!

    2. 7-Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

    3. Projects Overview

    4. Halloween Spooktacular Music Project Curriculum

    5. Important Information For Your ICT Technician

    6. Bonus - Fascinating Facts About Halloween History

    7. Disclaimer/Teacher/Parent Warning

    1. Atmospheric Sounds, Sample Packs & FX

    2. Halloween Audio & MIDI Samples

    3. External Links to royalty-free music & sound effects

    1. Chapter Overview - Music For Film

    2. Video 1 - How to use samples to create a simple soundscape for a video

    3. Happy Halloween Graveyard - 18 seconds (No music)

    4. Flying Witch - 10 seconds (No music)

    5. Haunted House - 18 seconds (No music)

    6. Pumpkin Skeleton Dance - 12 seconds (No music)

    7. Zombies Walking Through The Misty Forest - 20 seconds (No music)

    8. Spooky Cemetery - 20 seconds (No music)

    9. Spooky Pumpkins - 20 seconds (No music)

    10. Zombie Graveyard - 20 seconds (No music)

    11. Big Moon - 32 seconds (No music)

    12. Self-Assessments - Using samples to create a simple soundscape for a video

    1. Video 3 - Creating a Spooky 8-16 Bar Music Sequence

    2. Self-Assessment - Creating a Spooky 8-16 Bar Music Sequence Using Samples

    3. Self-Assessment Sheets Download - Creating a Spooky 8-16 Bar Music Sequence

    1. Video 4 - Composing with Virtual Instruments in BandLab

    2. Self-Assessment - Creating scary atmospheric music and soundscapes with virtual instruments in BandLab

About this course

  • £197.00
  • 64 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Halloween Horror Voice Recording Project

This Halloween Horror Voice Recording Project will allow students to explore their creativity, experiment with voice recording and effects, and have fun while creating spooky and scary vocal performances for the Halloween season.


Students will learn how to record their voices and use effects, pitch change, and time stretching in BandLab for Education to create a spooky and scary Halloween horror voice.

Music For Film - Creating Scary Halloween Soundscapes

Welcome to the exciting world of Halloween music and film soundscape creation! We are thrilled to introduce our innovative online project designed for students in grades 6 to 9. This unique endeavour invites young musicians and budding filmmakers to embark on a creative journey where they will use the powerful platform of BandLab For Education to craft spine-tingling soundscapes for short Halloween video clips. 

Through this project, students will not only explore their musical talents but also learn the art of storytelling through sound, providing a hauntingly immersive experience for viewers. Get ready to channel your inner composer and filmmaker as we delve into the world of Halloween music and cinematic sound design!

Exploring Dissonance in Halloween Music

This "Dissonance" music project will empower children to explore the concept of dissonance in music, particularly in the context of Halloween-themed compositions. Through listening, composing, and performing activities, students will develop a deeper understanding of how dissonance can evoke emotions and create haunting atmospheres in music. 

The project will culminate in a showcase where students will demonstrate their creativity and newfound knowledge of dissonant harmonies in their Halloween ensemble performances. The project aims to engage students in critical listening, composition, and performance activities, fostering their understanding of dissonance and its emotive effects.

Creating Atmospheric Scary Music with BandLab's Virtual Instruments


- Students will learn how to use virtual instruments in BandLab for Education to create scary atmospheric music and soundscapes.

- Students will understand how to add, change, and record virtual instrument tracks.

- Students will explore the use of effects, MIDI editing, transposition, duplication, metronome, and quantization techniques to enhance their compositions.

- Students will develop the ability to arrange and layer recorded MIDI instrument tracks to create atmosphere, tension, and dissonance.

Creating An Improvised Halloween Performance

For all these activities, encourage the children to listen to each other, respond to the sounds and cues of their peers, and work together to create a cohesive and captivating Halloween performance. 

The improvised nature of the performance will add an element of surprise and excitement, making it a thrilling experience for both the participants and the audience. If the teacher wishes, the children can choose a video to inspire them and add a spooky soundscape to that.

- Using BandLab For Education, students can record their narrations, experimenting with different effects to create a ghostly or mysterious atmosphere.
- One child can take on the role of the narrator, while others provide a live musical accompaniment using BandLab's virtual instruments or loop packs.

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