"> Inclusive Music Academy - Create Music With BandLab

Phil Heeley
£97.00 / year with 14 day free trial

BandLab For Schools

A complete songwriting course for both teachers and students, including Lesson Plans, Quizzes, Video Tutorials. Transform your teaching and your students' learning.

Phil Heeley & David Ashworth
£47.97 / year with 14 day free trial

GarageBand For Schools - Songwriting

Taking both teacher and student on a creative journey, where no former experience of music or technology is required.

Phil Heeley

Writing a Song using Magix Music Maker

Step by step video tutorials to create a song in a contemporary genre using Magix Music Maker version 2014 - 2017.

Phil Heeley
£49.97 / year with 14 day free trial

BandLab For Beginners (Public)

A simple songwriting course for everyone using the amazing FREE, cloud-based music software - BandLab. With over 80 genres to choose from you'll be creating an awesome song in just a few hours.

Phil Heeley

How To Make Scary Halloween Music In BandLab

Use these free scary sounds and midi file songs to learn the secrets of making the most terrifying music!

Phil Heeley

FREE Christmas Song Pack

All the ingredients to make a remix of your favourite Christmas carol or song. Over 25 MIDI files which can be dropped into BandLab or any other DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and then creatively edited.