Course Description

Please note this course requires the prior purchase of BandLab For Schools.

Create an awesome song in the style that you love! 

Imagine being able to make the music that you love, emulating your musical heroes and learning the art of songwriting. Well, now you can! With over 100 cutting edge Loop Packs in popular styles such as Hip Hop, Trap, Grunge, Grime, EDM, Pop, Rock, RnB and Metal to name but a few, you now have the opportunity to study and master what makes a great song and develop your own music in the way that suits you.

You are joining a growing group of wannabe musicians (Over 25 million people worldwide) who love music and technology and are now using the BandLab platform to create, connect and collaborate, getting their music out there.

This is the future of Music in Schools and Beyond

BandLab brings award-winning music creation features to the classroom empowering teachers and their students with everything they need for collaborative and fun musical learning.

Nothing to patch or install – the cloud-based platform works on Mac, Windows, Linux and Chromebooks. It's safe and it's free!

Through the process of creating a structured song in any one of over 100 genres, you will learn:

  • The basic skills of how to use a DAW - Digital Audio Workstation
  • How to audition and find appropriate sounds for different elements of a song like the introduction, verse and chorus
  • How to appraise your progress and that of your friends
  • How to write your own lyrics
  • How to audition and play virtual midi instruments and record your own melodies and solos
  • Tips and tricks you can use to add the final touches to a song making it sound cohesive and professional
  • How To Make Your Finished Track Sound Even Better through Mastering

This course will empower and motivate you to become a musician and/or producer. It will give you confidence in your innate ability to create using the medium that you know so well - technology. Your results will astound you! BandLab can be accessed at home too, meaning that your exploration and experimentation continues outside school. 

And now there is a mobile app which makes making music even easier. (Please note, the app uses the public version of BandLab which may need parental approval).Step by step Video Tutorials

The video tutorials allow you to go at your own pace and learn by creating. You don't need to spend hours of your own time working out how to use the software, just press play and pause and have fun.

Like any other musical instrument the more you practice the better you will become. You will see a transformation in your learning, creativity and confidence as you realise your potential and your genius. Good luck and never stop making music!

Phil - Founder: Inclusive Music

Founder - Inclusive Music & Senior Instructor

Phil Heeley

Trainer, Trainer, Educator, Music Technologist, Musician, Visionary“Inclusive Music” encapsulates Phil’s passion for enabling Access For All through Music Technology. Creator of the Best Selling “Dance eJay for Schools” and co-author of “GarageBand for Schools”, he encourages students to discover their own ways of learning and expressing themselves leading Ofsted to repeatedly recognise him as an “outstanding” teacher. SEND expert and Drake Music Associate Musician, Phil believes in the reality of participation no matter what the ability or disability.“We know we are offering quality musical moments for our students and staff when Phil leads the sessions. Totally reliable and professional – I recommend him without reservation.”Christine Wright, Teaching and Learning Music Adviser, South Gloucestershire Music Service

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Students - Getting Started

  • 2

    0 Basic Skills

  • 3

    1 The Introduction

  • 4

    2 Getting Organised

  • 5

    3 The Chorus

  • 6

    4 The Break

    • Summary - The Break

    • Demo Song Structure

    • Video - Example: Break (1:11 to 1:22)

    • Video - The Break - Part 4

    • Video - The Break - Part 4A

    • Quiz - The Break

    • Worksheet 4 - Self Appraisal - The Break

    • How to Write Song Lyrics (Wikipedia)

  • 7

    5 The Verse

    • Summary - The Verse (Teacher)

    • Demo Song Structure

    • Video - Example : Verse (1:22 to 1: 43)

    • Video - The Verse - Part 5

    • Quiz - The Verse

    • Worksheet 5 - Self Appraisal - Verse

    • How to Write Song Lyrics (Wikipedia)

  • 8

    6 The Bridge

  • 9

    7 The Chorus (2)

    • Summary - The Chorus (2)

    • Demo Song Structure

    • Video - Example: Chorus (2) (1:55 - 2:15)

    • The Chorus (2)

    • Quiz - The Chorus (2)

  • 10

    8 The Instrumental

    • Summary - The Instrumental

    • Demo Song Structure

    • Video - Example: The Instrumental (2:15 - 2:58)

    • Video - The Instrumental

    • Worksheet 8 - Self Appraisal - The Instrumental

    • How To Write Song Lyrics (Wikipedia)

    • Quiz - The Instrumental

  • 11

    9 The Ending

    • Summary - The Ending

    • Demo Song Structure

    • Video - Example: The Ending (3:01 - 3:43)

    • Video - The Ending

    • Worksheet 9 - Self Appraisal - Ending

    • Quiz - The Ending

  • 12

    10 The icing On The Cake

  • 13

    11 How To Write Song Lyrics

    • How to Write Song Lyrics - Some Starting Points

    • How to Write Song Lyrics

    • Lyric-Writing Tips - MusicRadar

    • How To Write A Song For Beginners - Music Industry "How To"

  • 14

    Certificate of Completion

    • Certificate Of Completion

  • 15

    Bonus 1 - BandLab Official Tutorials

    • How To Get Started On BandLab

    • Make Music Instantly - A Simple Guide – Part 1: Looper Introduction

    • Make Music Instantly - A Simple Guide – Part 2: Sound Packs and Recording

    • Introducing the Looper - Redefining Beat Creation

    • Quantization: A Beginner’s Guide

    • Finishing Your Music Projects

    • Tips For Achieving Creative Flow

    • 6 Creative Ways To Use Loops and Samples

    • Mastering - How To Make Your Finished Track Sound Even Better

    • Getting Sound Into BandLab: Microphones

    • Learn About Effects: Delay

    • Learn About Effects: Reverb

    • How To Make Electronic Dance Music In Minutes

    • How to Produce Hip Hop In Minutes

    • Slice Up Your Life: 5 Ways To Manipulate Loops And Make Them Your Own

    • Make Money With Your Music

    • Producer Series: Guitar And Bass

    • MIDI Loops: Hip-Hop, Trap, EDM, Arpeggiators & Melodies

    • What Is MIDI? A Simple And Practical Guide

    • Songwriting: 5 Tips To Finding That Creative Spark

    • How To Get Started In BandLab Instruments

    • What Is Latency?

  • 16

    Bonus 2 - Rockschool Music Production Coursework Task - Key Stage 4

  • 17

    Bonus 3 - Scary Halloween Music Special

    • How To Create Scary Halloween Music In BandLab

  • 18

    Bonus 4 - FREE Christmas Music Making Pack - Create Your Own Christmas Remixes

    • FREE Christmas Pack

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