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A Structured Songwriting Course for Students and Teachers | taught by Phil Heeley
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Phil Heeley
Phil Heeley
Founder - Inclusive Music & Senior Instructor

About the Instructor

Teacher, Trainer, Educator, Music Technologist, Musician

“Inclusive Music” encapsulates Phil’s passion for enabling Access For All through Music Technology. Creator of the Best Selling “Dance eJay for Schools” and co-author of “GarageBand for Schools”, he encourages students to discover their own ways of learning and expressing themselves leading Ofsted to repeatedly recognise him as an “outstanding” teacher. SEND expert and Drake Music Associate Musician, Phil believes in the reality of participation no matter what the ability or disability.


"When we first launched the BandLab for Education platform a year ago, Phil was one of the first beta testers we reached out to due to his incredible expertise in the music EdTech space. Phil has been helping us by product testing BandLab for Education directly in schools, and providing vital weekly feedback – he shares what fellow educators and their students find useful in our product, but also continually challenges us to improve our overall service. On top of that, he has gone the extra mile to create his own BandLab tutorials that are incredibly useful for anyone looking to get started making music.

Overall, Phil's support and strategic thinking has been invaluable. His name is recognised and respected even amongst our Education industry contacts here in Singapore. We are very excited to continue our partnership at BETT 2019 – where Phil will be sharing best practices for BandLab for Education – and beyond." 

Jessica Vas - BandLab

"Our Simple Accessible Music project was very popular with teachers and pupils. Nine schools have been involved so far with six further schools scheduled this academic year. So far all have adapted their school music curriculum to include music technology, with some teachers cascading to parallel classes and several intending to develop through whole school CPD.  

Phil is highly competent with a range of software and its application in schools. He has recently been working with BandLab (a free educational resource) and assisting its creators with its development, opening up possibilities for schools. He is very knowledgeable about hardware and software.

These are high-quality online resources which have been popular with teachers and are also useful as a training resource after workshop delivery."

Fiona Pendreigh - Head of Plymouth Music Education Hub & Chair of the Music Education Council

“We know we are offering quality musical moments for our students and staff when Phil leads the sessions. Totally reliable and professional – I recommend him without reservation.”

Christine Wright, Teaching and Learning Music Adviser, South Gloucestershire Music Service

I am so excited that you have made the decision to transform the music in your school. You are joining a growing group of progressive teachers who know that children love music and technology - in fact, it is the air that they breathe.

Well, now you can quickly and easily incorporate BandLab into your classroom and deliver the curriculum and more in an engaging and inclusive way.

Bring BandLab To Your Classroom

BandLab for Education brings award-winning music creation features to the classroom empowering teachers and their students with everything they need for collaborative and fun musical learning.

Nothing to patch or install – the cloud-based platform works on Mac, Windows, Linux and Chromebooks. It's safe and it's free!

CPD in the classroom

In this course, both you and your students will learn through doing. You will learn how to set up your school and online classrooms, how to enrol your students and how to get them started exploring the thousands of sampled loops and virtual instruments through their own personal projects. The video tutorials allow you as the teacher, to learn whilst you teach. You don't need to spend hours of your own time, preparing lessons, working out how to use the software or deliver the course, just press play and pause and then just add any additional learning on top. Lesson plans, summaries, print outs and quizzes will ensure that incorporating new technology in your classroom need not be onerous and scary but fun and exciting. You will see a transformation in your students approach to music as they realise their potential.

Teach and learn through the power of collaboration

Want to keep track of class progress and provide real-time feedback on student activity? BandLab for Education will do that and more.

Their platform lets you send assignments, grade submissions and give valuable feedback to your students.

    Easy-to-Use Assignments

    Grades System

 Real-Time Collaboration

Through the process of creating a structured song in any one of over 60 genres, your students will learn:

  • The basic skills of how to use a DAW - Digital Audio Workstation
  • How to audition and find appropriate sounds for different elements of a song like the introduction, verse and chorus
  • How to appraise their progress and that of their peers
  • How to write their own lyrics
  • How to audition and play virtual midi instruments and record their own melodies and solos
  • Tips and tricks you can use to add the final touches to a song making it sound cohesive and professional
  • How To Make Your Finished Track Sound Even Better through Mastering

This course empowers and motivates students to become musicians. It gives them confidence in their innate ability to create in the medium that they know so well - technology. The results are astounding! BandLab for Education can be accessed at home too, meaning that their exploration and experimentation continues outside school. 

And now there is an app which makes making music even easier.

Safe collaborative tools mean that students can form partnerships with their friends and write songs together but it goes so much further than that - The teacher can set up partnerships with other classes in other schools, inviting them to join a project. This might be established locally, nationally or internationally. The possibilities are endless! 

Course Contents

38 Videos
19 Quizzes
81 PDFs
1 Audio
15.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Certificate of Completion
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