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Tackling and Taming Technology To Transform how Music is Taught, Learnt and Played in the Digital Age | taught by Phil Heeley & Ben Sellers Instructor
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Phil Heeley & Ben Sellers Instructor
Phil Heeley & Ben Sellers Instructor

About the Instructor

Both Phil and Ben are passionate about learning and teaching and between them they have an extraordinary wealth of experience in teaching, training, consultancy, workshops and producing high quality educational resources. Whilst they have many things in common, particularly their love of technology and their work as Drake associate musicians, it is the differences in their own musical education that makes their talents, skills and approach so broad and unique.


Welcome to the "Inclusive Music Academy"

Our purpose is to enhance lives through music, technology and learning by:

  • Enabling access to writing, recording and performing music together
  • Building self-esteem and confidence through creativity
  • Building stronger more inclusive communities through music
  • Redefining inclusive and quality music education for all and to promote lifelong learning in line with the United Nations Sustainable Goals

UN Sustainable Goals

Inclusive Music has always prided itself on tackling and taming technology to transform how music is taught learnt and played in the digital age but we need to face up to some new challenges

  • Technology is changing the way young people learn and demands that we respond by changing the way we teach
  • The traditional model of music education needs to embrace rapid technological developments
  • There is a danger as teachers that we may become outdated and irrelevant to the young people of today

So we have created

  • Relevant, inspiring and simple to use online courses and resources for teachers and students
  • Easy to use Video Tutorials - Personalised Learning Pathways reflecting students’ musical interests and motivation
  • Online CPD that teachers can learn whilst teaching
  • A community where teachers can support each other to utilise Technology to improve teaching and learning
  • Courses to help teachers embrace technology in a relevant and meaningful way in the classroom
  • Simple ways to understand and adopt innovations in technology leading to greater access and inclusion

We have a proven track record

  • Our team consists of a growing number of experts in music, education & technology with years' of experience
  • Our services and resources are used by thousands of students, teachers and trainers worldwide
  • Our testimonials say it all

Hundreds of hours of courses

Inside the subscribers' area there are many courses. These are organised under headings such as Chinese Music, Songwriting and Hip Hop. Click on these and discover a wide and growing range of high quality resources. Paid subscribers have access to everything in this area including all future content. Discussions and suggestions are encouraged so you can let us know exactly what you want which will inform and influence our future content.


“A great resource. It’s a great launchpad for users to explore the potential of GarageBand for iPad, but perhaps more importantly, their own creativity.”

Tim Spelman - Westdown Primary, Devon, UK

“You have such a profound impact on the children and the staff really look forward to seeing you too. The added value you give to everyone you work with and the wonderful contributions to the lives of our children cannot be under-estimated. You leave a big hole behind you. I’m not confident it can be filled, Phil. Thank you for everything you have given us, it has all been very much appreciated and received with joy.”

Liz Hayward, Head Teacher, Penrose School, Bridgwater, Somerset

“Phil worked with a cohort of our students with more profound and multiple learning difficulties and enabled them to bring creative energies into form through musical performance. It is abundantly clear that his way of working can bring a voice to those students who are non-verbal and offer them a huge boost in terms of self-awareness and confidence. Rather than highlighting our students’ challenges, Phil provided a platform from which their strengths and talents could be truly celebrated.”

Ben Edwards, Primary Manager, Creativity and Music Coordinator, Three Ways School, Bath

“We know we are offering quality musical moments for our students and staff when Phil leads the sessions. Totally reliable and professional – I recommend him without reservation.”

Christine Wright, Teaching and Learning Music Adviser, South Gloucestershire Music Service

“Phil’s training workshop was relaxing and engaging. It was loads of fun and very useful. There was a careful selection of programs, especially ‘eJay’ and we were allowed to experiment with the programs and explore them in our own time. I really felt at ease. Thank you, really enjoyed the workshop and feel inspired.”

Richard Hershman, Student Teacher, Bath Spa University

“Really enjoyed this day - thank you very much. “The GarageBand for Schools” resource was very easy to follow due to the step by step instructions. I would recommend it!”

Suzanne Haynes - Our Lady Primary School, Barnstaple, UK

"As part of a year-long development project on the use of iPads across a range of music education settings (instrumental, first access, primary and special schools and composer-in-residence), Phil provided an introductory training session for teachers and managers. The session was excellent, providing the time for everyone to explore within a safe and supportive environment, to learn some fundamental operating protocols across all apps, and to discuss amongst the team some core principles for the use of the iPads in a variety of contexts. As always, Phil provided absolute clarity on technical issues, great encouragement for exploration and creativity, and set lots of minds buzzing about the best way to use the equipment for music education. He was also able to provide sensible approaches to the vast market of apps, and ideas on how to find further self-help materials."

Kevin Rogers - County Inspector, Hampshire Music Service

Course Contents

50 Videos
142 Texts
107 PDFs
1 Download
202.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Project 6 - 12 Bar Blues
Project 7 - Soundtrack to a Music Video
Project 13 - The Science of Music
Project 14 - A Message to you Rudy
Curated 1 - How to Play Songs by Famous Artists in GarageBand by Arvid Sandgren
Curated 7 - Top Tips and Tutorials GarageBand
Midi Files - Songs, Chords, Drum Beats, Bass Lines, Styles & Genres