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Phil Heeley
£9.97 / month with 1 month free trial

BandLab For Beginners

A simple songwriting course for both teachers and students, using this amazing FREE cloud-based music software. Transform your teaching and your students' learning.

Phil Heeley & Ben Sellers Instructor
£247.00 / year

Inclusive Music Academy

Every single course included plus many more! 100s of hours of video tutorials, lesson plans and other resources to enable you to deliver high quality musical learning to your students and enhance your CPD at the same time.

Ben Sellers

Hip Hop

Exploring the history and fundamental elements of Hip Hop music - sampling, rapping, special effects, synthesisers - through the lens of composition. Includes powerful opportunities for performance.

Phil Heeley & David Ashworth

GarageBand For Schools - Songwriting

Taking both teacher and student on a creative journey, where no former experience of music or technology is required.

Ben Sellers

Hello GarageBand

The first step in your iPad songwriting journey - Covering composition, improvisation and production.

Ben Sellers

Theme & Variation

This seven session project offers more advanced songwriting techniques, and includes a deeper exploration of harmony, advanced soloing, and an extended lyric writing element.